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2024, 4th Saturday lectures
All Lectures will be streamed LIVE to our YouTube Channel

may 25th
njaa member paul cirillo
in person guest Speaker

“The James Webb telescope, and the search for habitable planets around distant stars.”

Paul has been fascinated by astronomy and space missions all his life and enjoys sharing his knowledge with the public. He is a long time member of the New Jersey Astronomical Association, and has a Bachelor of Science degree from Rutgers University.  Paul is also a volunteer with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s outreach “Ambassador” program - a public engagement effort to communicate the science and excitement of NASA's space exploration missions and discoveries with local schools.

June 22nd
NJAA member Alan Witzgall
In Person
guest speaker

In Defense of Humanity. . .
The OSIRIS-REx Mission to Asteroid Bennu
2024 Update.

July 27th
Dr. Christopher Glein

Remote-Guest Speaker

Dr. Glein is the Lead Scientist at the Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas. He analyzes spacecraft data from planetary missions and has a particular interest in the formation of Kuiper Belt objects. His research has focused on the planetoids Eris and MakeMake.

August 24th
Dr. Melissa Brucker

Remote-Guest Speaker

University of Arizona, Lunar & Planetary Laboratory, Principle Investigator at SPACEWATCH. Dr. Brucker will present an overview of NASA's planetary defense program and how SPACEWATCH fits into NASA's asteroid efforts. Their techniques, observations and campaigns will be discussed.

September 24th
Carina R. Alden - NASA

Remote-Guest Speaker
Space Weather Analyst. Moon to Mars Space Weather Analysis Office,
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

October 26th
Dr. Eliot Quataert

In-Person Guest Speaker
Dr. Quataert is an astrophysics theorist at Princeton University with a wide range of astronomical study interests. He will share his view of our universe.

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