please be advised that we will be hosting all of our speaker presentation's via our youtube channel until further notice.

4th Saturday Presentations

The below meetings will be streamed LIVE at 8:30PM (EST) on the dates stated below.
Each will last approximately one hour.

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The Stream is LIVE at 8:30PM (EST)

March 27, 2021
Dr. Dan Werthimer

Berkeley SETI Research Center,
University of California, Berkeley.

April 24, 2021
Dr. Jani Radebaugh

Planetary Scientist
Brigham Young University

May 22, 2021
Dr. Yao-Yuan Mao

Rutgers University

Dept of Physics and Astronomy

Sep 25, 2021
Dr. Lucianne Walkowicz
Astronomer based at the Adler Planetarium noted for her research contributions in stellar magnetic activity and its impact on planetary suitability for extraterrestrial life.


NJAA 2021 - Reach For The Stars