please be advised that we will be hosting all of our speaker presentation's via our youtube channel until further notice.

4th Saturday Presentations

Unless stated below, these meetings will be streamed LIVE to YouTube
at 8:30PM (EST) on the dates stated below.
Each will last approximately one hour.
HERE to visit our YouTube Channel to watch the event.

March 26 - Dr. James Rice
Geology Team Leader, NASA Mars Rover Missions

Special time : March 26, 2022 @ 6:30PM EST


April 23 - Paul Cirillo
James Webb Space Telescope
What is it? Where is it? What will it discover?
NASA’s Plans for Returning to the Moon
A summary of the Artemis Project and the Space Launch System
For more information about Paul visit:


May 28 - Dr Adam Szabo
Chief-NASA Heliospheric Physics Laboratory
A specialist in heliospheric and magnetospheric shocks and discontinuities. He will
discuss NASA's Parker Solar Probe mission.


June 25 - Dr. Sarah Greenstreet
Senior Researcher with the B612 Asteroid Institute and Dirac Institute at the University of Washington, Seattle
She will discuss the New Horizons discoveries on Pluto and beyond.

July 23rd - Dr. Andrew Rivkin
Johns Hopkins University
Co-investigation team lead for NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission being designed, built, and managed by the Applied Physics Lab.

Dr. Rivikin will be discussing this mission.

September 24 - Dr. Martha Gilmore
George I. Seney Professor of Geology, 
Wesleyan University, Connecticut
She is the principal investigator for the Venus Flagship Mission Decadal Study which will send landers and orbiters to Venus.